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Verizon Van lines Reviews

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  • The Best

    Our experience with Verizon van lines was very positive to say the least. Andy and the crew where just great to deal with and helped make our move a much easier task to Handel. They padded and wrapped all our items for transport in a manner that could have insured their safety on the space shuttle LOL. We were very impressed with the service and will be recommending Verizon to Friends and family. More...
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  • Nice Job

    These guys are just really a pleasure to deal with it's that simple. Nicole at VVL took the time to set up the move of our items and car so that they would arrive on the same date which was huge since I was just starting a new job and really did not want to miss multiple days and set a bad image. The men on the truck did a very nice job and took good care of our items with packing and padding to keep them scratch free during the move. The car carrier came and Gary who was the driver was a real hoot to deal with and impressed me with the loading. The only minus was it took a day... More...
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  • Happy Client

    I was very nervous wile trying to pick a mover. I had never moved before and had been getting hammered by so many moving companies with different ways of moving and it was very confusing to say the least. Nicole from Verizon van lines had called me and we bonded almost instantly. We did an inventory of our belongings and we were given a price based on those items. The movers were really nice guys and worked very hard during our move; they wrapped all our things securely and loaded them on to the truck. At delivery to our surprise our items weight a little less so we saved a few bucks on... More...
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  • Verizon Van Lines Rules

    We called verizon van lines after getting some on line moving quotes. Karen our consultant was a huge help in planning our move and explaining all available options. The movers arrived at our home on time and we were very impressed with the way they worked, packing and loading. Our items actually came in 600 lbs less then estimated which saved us a few hundred dollars in the end. Our experience was very satisfying and we recommend their services highly. Karen Romine More...
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  • Best Service

    We just completed our move and found Verizon van lines to be super movers. We set our move up with Erik who was straight to the point and made sensible suggestions that in the end were correct. The workers packed and loaded our home in under 7 hours! The delivery was just as smoothed and they even made a extra stop for me to place some of our children’s things in a storage unit. This is our third move and all I can say is I wish we used Verizon van lines the previous two times. Donna Henderson More...
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  • Worst moving company ever

    This is the worst company ever. They contracted out some company "Lee Moving" which I was not aware of. The moving truck did not bother to call after being an hour late. The communication was horrible. They finally called to say they would be there at 5:30pm. They were supposed to come at 9AM!!!! I would NEVER recommend this company. They ruined my move to Chicago! More...
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  • 5 Star

    I have used a few moving companies in my life time but I have never felt so compelled to write a review on one until now. I know most folks don't take the time to complement good service but felt I needed to. First off the sales agent john was right on the money, he guided me thru the arrangements and made it very simple to understand. The crew did a phenomenal job the guys were great and made quick work of our things. The quote provided was spot on the money with no hidden extras. If your looking for a mover you should give Verizon van lines a call. David Townsend More...
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  • False advertising

    This company is definately not a true mover as they claim. The explained everything to us as if they were a real moving company and had their own trucks but in reality, they brokered or sold my move to another company and left us to deal with the company after the fact. They claimed to have "overestimated" our shipment intentionally when in reality we were charged an additional $540 after loading and not told until the day of the delivery in Arizona despite us making several calls to the actual movers who moved us for a total. We would not reccomend this company to anyone. More...
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  • Very Impressed

    I am not one who generally writes reviews but thought the service provided by Verizon van lines warranted one. I have moved many times over the years and have used a wide array of mover’s ranging from United van lines to Mom & Pop types. Verizon van lines service was excellent on time and on budget and I would stack them up against any mover I used prior. K. Tuttle More...
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    This is NOT a moving company, but a broker. They did NOT explain this to me, and even when I asked if the actual movers were company employees they told me they were. Which, I suppose could be construed as technically true since they "hired" them although they don't pay them at all. The way they work is that they over quote you, then take a percentage up front. The amount owed after the move goes directly to the actual movers. So it works in their best interest to over quote you so that the beginning amount is larger, more profit for them. When they were telling me that... More...
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  • 2 Thumbs Up

    Just finished completing our move with Verizon van lines and thought I would give props to Erik and the guys over at Verizon for the great service. Our move was made difficult as we live on a farm and there was not easy access for a large truck so the guys had to park the truck down the drive about 300 foot and carry our items from the house to the truck, These guys worked like animals they where amazing. The foreman Greg coordinated the packing, loading and unloading of our items perfectly. Erik from Verizon van lines even had arranged to have our tractor & deck shipped. My... More...
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  • Top Notch

    Our family was very impressed with the service provided by Verizon van lines. Mindy was very instrumental in planning our move and everything went as promised. Our biggest concern was we needed our items delivered quickly so we opted for expedited service and had our items delivered from NY to CO in 3 days. I would definitely recommend Verizon to friends & family. More...
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  • Verizon Van Lines

    I had considered many moving companies but based on the many good reviews on this website I settled on Verizon van lines. First off I have to give props to Robert my sales rep who was great through out the whole move. The packers and loaders were cool and took good care of my things. My actual weight came in slightly under my estimate which is always a good thing. You can bet for my next move I will be calling Verizon again. More...
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  • A +

    After receiving about 100 moving quotes we narrowed our choice down to Verizon van lines; the quote they supplied was simple and clear cut. Dina our contact at Verizon answered all our questions over multiple days, my husband and I were a wreck over moving to begin with but Dina made us feel comfortable and took the time to go over everything multiple times with us. The move was performed by 4 gentleman that where pleasant, clean and professional in their work. This is our first time moving long distance and Verizon van lines made it a very pleasant experience for us. Thank You More...
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  • Betty's Review

    I thought the service provided was very good from start to finish. We had initially booked our move with another moving company but began to get suspicious and started to look them up on line and we were shocked at how many terrible reviews they had listed here and on other websites. We dropped them and decided to try Verizon van lines as the reviews were positive every where we checked. Verizon's work was great and they have definitely earned our loyalty and future business. To any one looking for a mover don't get fooled by smooth talking sales people, look the company up... More...
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  • Our experience

    Our experience with Verizon was very positive; john was very instrumental in every aspect of our move. We had a few snags to over come with our move, first we have three dogs and 2 of them can not fly! John at Verizon arranged a dog transport for us that was first class and treated our babies’ great. Next our cars had to be shipped but most movers could not guarantee a covered transport for them again John got this taken care of in minutes. Third problem was along with our household belongings we have a large collection of wine that needed special care, John was able to... More...
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  • Well Done

    We wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone over at Verizon for the exceptional job performed on our move. Dina who coordinated our move was fabulous as she really took the time to break down every aspect of the move for us. Eddie the driver was equally professional in his work, we where especially concerned about our grand piano as it is a family heirloom but Eddie and the crew had special boards to place the piano on and wrappings to protect it. The move went smooth and everything was completed with out damages! Our family would and will recommend Verizon van lines to... More...
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    The Verizon Van Lines family has been offering their proud tradition of quality service & integrity for over the past 30+ years combined in the moving & relocation industry. We have used our experience to develop and sharpen our skills so that we are able to provide you with an unsurpassed customer experience and the highest level of service each and every time. Through the years Verizon Van Lines is constantly researching new ways to bring our clients the best possible services at an exceptional value. During the past 30+years Verizon Van Lines has partnered with selected... More...
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  • Great Customer Service!

    This is our third move with Verizon as we are a military family and need to move often, each time as been a pleasure. They are quick and attentive in their operations, always leaving my residents clean. I have used many movers over the years including the big names and while their services are equally as good they have nothing on Verizon van lines and their employees for a lot less money. I would like to say thank you to Timothy Scott at Verizon Van Lines for hi outstanding service! Yours Truly Yolanda Scott More...
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  • The Best

    I loved the service that was provided by Verizon van lines. We just completed our move from San Francisco to San Diego our home was a 2 bedroom consisting of 6500 pounds. The move was performed by Verizon Van Lines and I have to say they where terrific, the quote was right on the money and from coordinator john to our crew chief Gerald we received professional service. We would suggest their services Amanda Napoli More...
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  • Great Moving Company

    My family and I just completed a cross country move from Allentown, Pennsylvania to La Jolla, California. In researching moving companies and after speaking with Nicole from Verizon Van Lines we decided to schedule our move. The move as promised went extremly well. Nicole was there from the start to answer any of our questions. Our items list was very accurate (actually the weight was 700 lbs under so we even paid less). The men packing were very professional and took their time padding all our furniture and packing our boxes. As promised my grandmothers dishes and her collection of... More...
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  • Wonderful Service

    We completed our move with Verizon van lines in April and just are getting around to writing a review as promised. First off Dina our moving organizer was amazing! She explained everything to us and put things in a simple to understand quote. The men on the truck where equally pleasant and worked in an orderly fashion at all times. This is our second move and I can say that Verizon van lines were a far more pleasant experience then our previous moving company. Our family would recommend their services to family and friends G. Choate Kansas City More...
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  • Great Service

    After calling and speaking with Nicole we felt very comfortable that she was very knowledgeable and provided us a very simple quote that was easy to understand. The price was not the least expensive but not the highest either, the movers came on moving day and where unbelievable in their work they really took great care of our items and home. The delivery part went just as smooth we where quoted 7-14 days cross country and our belongings arrived on the 11 day with all our items in good condition, there where no hidden charges which was a huge plus. My family and I would suggest if... More...
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  • Good Guys

    Our move with Verizon van lines went very well. Our booking agent Nicole was amazing my wife and I where neurotic about moving last minute and decided to let the professionals take care of it. Nicole arranged for the shipment of our house hold items, 2 cars and our boat all with in 4 days. The movers where very well organized and did a wonderful job with are things we couldn't be happier Thanks Nicole/Verizon Dan Randal More...
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  • Very pleased

    We used Verizon van lines and we had a very positive experience. The service of the movers was exceptional as they work quickly and treated our items with carefully. Our move was a last minute thing as we had been trying to sell our home for over a year and found a buyer that needed to get in quickly. We had to have our home packed and moved in 10 days time Nicole our consultant at Verizon took care of everything she was friendly and knowledgeable and best of all up front about pricing. The move was completed with in the agreed time frame and with in the agreed budget! I definitely... More...
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  • Very Pleasant

    I just completed a cross country move using Verizon van lines. The crew was first rate and the consultant was spot on the money. This is the forth time I have had to move in the last 8 years as my job requires and by far Verizon van lines has been the best experience of them all. I would not hesitate to recommend Verizon to friends and family. Kristy Bailey More...
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DONOTUSE says: (8 years ago)
Please Be Aware.. I would not recommend Verizon Van Lines to anyone. I had too many problems.

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